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Yarraman.  Nickname for Paul Logister - Photographer, Graphic Designer - Noun: yarraman (plural:yarramen), (Australian Aboriginal) for 'horse'.


About Paul Logister

Paul Logister - photographer, graphic artist - was born in Maastricht in the Netherlands but spent a great deal of his professional live as a photographer and filmmaker abroad. Especially Australia which became his second homeland and where he picked up the nickname 'yarraman' because of his love of horses. (yarraman is the aboriginal word for 'horse').
After spending the last 30 years in the business of advertising and tv commercials Paul is now back with his old muse; photography.
No longer bothered by deadlines and commercial limitations he searches for the essential ingredient of his images. The emotion that can touch his heart and that of the beholder. Through the years he effortlessly made the transition from analogue to digital photography and has managed to embrace digital imaging wholeheartedly. His images often tremble on the border of dream and reality where they try to appeal to the viewer to look at the world in a different way.

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